Hospitality consultant Cor Juffermans


Hospitality consultant Cor Juffermans

Who is Cor Juffermans?

Cor Juffermans is a hospitality consultant who has been working as a bartender for almost 40 years. After his retirement, he wanted to make some money. That’s where I came in to think about a strategy and build a suitable website to make him visible for his target audience.


What have I done for Cor Juffermans?

  • Coming up with and implementing an easy strategy
  • Writing content
  • Designing logo’s
  • Building the website


What does Cor think about NinaRosa?

“This cooperation went pleasant and easy. I had expected some difficulties as NinaRosa was living in Australia when we started this project. However, everything went without any struggles. She took the lead in our conversations and knew exactly what would be a good move and what wouldn’t. But if I didn’t like something, she changed it immediately. I am very satisfied with the result. I am sure this kick-started my company.”