Chandelier business HPV Lumière Classique


Chandelier business HPV Lumière Classique

What is HPV Lumière Classique? aka HPV Lumière Classique is a family company producing, restoring, and repairing chandeliers and style lighting. The company was founded in 1938 and has two unique details: it is the only recognised chandelier restoring company in The Netherlands and it features a large collection of antique accessories.


What have I done for HPV Lumière Classique?

  • Excogitating and implementing online strategies
  • (Re)writing content
  • Building the website
  • Executing SEO, SEA, and social media marketing

I am still working for this company. We are finalising the website, implementing results from website analysis like the usabilitytest. After this project, I will focus on implementing the social media marketing strategy.


What does HPV Lumière Classique think about me?

“NinaRosa is a great person to work with. She is witty, skilled, and knows what she’s talking about. Because she’s always on top of marketing trends, she knows exactly how to improve our marketing strategy. She’s a resolute person that goes for the full 100% in everything what she does. What we appreciate most is the quick and clear communication.”