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At NinaRosa Idea Factory, I specialised in building strategic websites. Not the diehard coding but creating a website that fits you and perfectly translates your company digitally. I will create a professional and complete website for you. Why you should have a website like this, you can read here. SEO proof copywriting, matching graphic design, and effective marketing advice… all part of the plan.


So at NinaRosa Idea Factory:

  • A short communication chain;
  • Smooth communication as I’m the only party you’re dealing with;
  • A fair price;
  • A website that fits you and which you can edit yourself.
Copywriting 95%
Graphic Design 86%
Marketing & Strategie 91%
Love for koala's 98%


As I work with packages, I can guarantee a fixed price and quality. You can view all the packages here. Of course it’s possible to make changes or choose something that’s not in the package, as you wish. Because I want to encourage entrepreneurship, I offer some discount, for example for students, starters, or in case of long term relationships.



Because of my bachelor’s degree and work experience, I have up-to-date expertise and skills. I attend seminars and network events on a regular basis and read professional literature. Quick communication is what a value so you will never wait too long for a response on your email. This communication (plus all other services I offer) can be done in English or Dutch as I am fluent in both languages.



You want beautiful pictures on your website? I know photographers that can realise your idea. You want a stunning video of your company or your clients? Great, I know someone who can make this for you. A social media marketer? A graphic designer? A SEO expert? Tell me what you are looking for and I will connect you with the right people. I have pleasant and long term relationships with these people which allows me to guarantee high quality.


Why would you want a professional website?


A professional website consists of copywriting that Google likes. Easy as that. We call it SEO proof copywriting (or at least, I do). It will make your website appear higher in the search results and generate more traffic on longer term.


Your website is your business card. A website that does not stand for what you do and it not from the same quality as your company can harm your business. But… a custom made, beautifully designed website can boost your reputation.


When it comes to content: if people find you via your website, it has to be clear from the start what value you add. Most of the times, it is their first impression of your business. This is your chance to leave a positive, lasting impression.


All in all, your website can boost or ruin your company. A professional website is a necessary and valuable investment in your company that allows you to generate more leads. The long term result: more clients and revenue.
Graphic Designer Paul Fuentes

Graphic Designer Paul Fuentes

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Final assessment Bachelor’s Degree

Final assessment Bachelor’s Degree

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The Macadamia

The Macadamia

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Packages & Pricing



3 logo concepts

1 elaborated logo

Business cards

Writing paper

10 scaled images

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from €49

Reviewing text on grammar and relevance

€25 per 1,000 words + €24 starting rate

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Extensive Copywriting

from €49

Fully writing text, custom made to your wishes

€25 per 250 words + €24 starting rate

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Copywriting: up to 1,500 fully written words OR up to 4,500 rewritten words

Basic Design: logo, business cards, writing paper

Advisory report

Building the website in WordPress

30 minutes of Skype or phone calls

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Large Website


Copywriting: up to 3,000 fully written words OR up to 9,000 rewritten words

Basic Design: logo, business cards, writing paper

Advisory report

Building the website in WordPress

3×30 minutes of Skype or phone calls

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Advisory Report


Analysis of target audience

Mission statement, vision, goals

Tone of voice advice

Design recommendations

SEO scan

Social media advice

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Sounds good, I am quite excited, however…

All right okay, you have seen my website and you’re feeling good about it, but… there’s something wrong. Or missing. You’re just not 100% sure. How are we going to solve this? Well, let’s just have a Skype call. In half an hour, we will discuss your wishes and needs & I will tell you what I can and cannot do for you. Sounds good, right? Just fill out this little form and we’ll be in touch soon.


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Nina Rosa Juffermans

But who am I?

Three years ago, I started NinaRosa Denkfabriek as a freelance copywriter for a company based in New Zealand.

Here’s some facts about me.

Nina Rosa professionally

  • Graduated cum laude as a media professional
  • Specialisations: copywriting, entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor Media, Information, and Communication at the University of Applied Science of Amsterdam (completed)
  • Master Media & Business at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (from September 2018 onwards)
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Nina Rosa private

  • Optimist, perfectionist, creative person, go-getter
  • Love for travelling, reading, cooking, surfing
  • Fan of planning and organising
  • “If you can dream it, you can do it”
  • Favourite fonts: Lato & Cambria
  • Working on a Spanish course
  • Cuba as favourite country
More About Me

Let me build your website.

Do you understand the importance of a professional website? Can I help you by building the website of your dreams? That’s great. Already looking forward to it. Fill in the contact form with a sweet message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I see your email.

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