About NinaRosa

So this is the history of Nina Rosa

My mother wanted to call me Nina, my dad wanted Rosa. Instead of just choosing one, I became both. Nina Rosa. Hence, my dad will get really upset when you call me Nina and so will I.

I grew up in Zaandam, a lovely little city next to Amsterdam. During my bachelor degree, I also lived in Australia, Belgium, and New Zealand. After living abroad for 1,5 years, I could not deal with the immense cold in The Netherlands so I lived on Bali for four months. This gave me the opportunity to focus 100% on my business. I was able to do this without getting in debt and still go on holiday six times (because Dutch rental prices compared to the Balinese… don’t get me started).

At one point, it was time to return home. Because I had an English test to take, an entry exam, some meetings to attend, and I really missed my cat.

In essence, I live in Rotterdam and speak fluent English, Dutch, and sarcasm.

But this is what you really want to know about Nina Rosa

I’d rather be tired than lazy.

Wunderlist is next to WhatsApp on my iPhone and opens automatically when I start my MacBook.

I start working at 8am every day and I finish at 4pm.

Apparently, I type 375 characters a minute (average is 200).

During my bachelor, I never had to do a retake. However, I did four voluntary ones to get a higher grade or to annoy the teacher.

I get really upset when I see bad graphic design or lines that are not aligned.

I also can’t handle grammar errors, people that type “your” instead of “yours”, pickles, people that do not do what they promise, or a non-creative (work) atmosphere.

But I do love flyers/ books/ magazines (freshly printed), happy customers, affiliate links, all Adobe programs, and healthy cooking (+ eating obviously).

When you ask for my honest opinion, I will give you mine without any doubt but in a constructive way.

I adore surfing but I will not go surfing when I’ve got work to do.

My client is queen/ king so if you want to feel like a royal, check out my packages.


Well, if that’s not enough about me, why don’t you spend your afternoon stalking my LinkedIn?

Still not enough? Don’t die wondering and get your answer by sending me an email.

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But this is what you really want to know about Nina Rosa